MATTER of TIME (MoT)  is the subtle marriage of motion graphic and halos of light, suavely interacting on mirrors and dark matter shaped in a decorative artwork.
This whole produces infinite combinations and variations of evolutive and contemplative visual composition exploring the concept of TIME through the prism of digital art.
The output is generated in real-time by original and creative code mixing graphic design, video footage,  algorithms and data science.
Thanks to multiple sensors and camera, the artwork senses and interacts with its immediate environment.
A great range of meaningful data is collected, analysed and merged into a generative process : time, seasons, weather forecast, traffic report, pollution levels, tides, water, temperature, etc, gently mixed with outputs from the Ethereum blockchain.
The whole system is able to generate a suave and endless animation congruous with real time data.

Different MoT artworks can be interconnected creating a global ‘smart’ system fed by multi-directional flows of data. Those eventual numerous MoT artworks will communicate with each other in a common time frame despite the possible distance between them and each of them’s relative time zone.

Bespoke contents can be created on demand and integrated to fit any needs.

Machine learning and neural networks are both used for input analysis and output generation.
Influenced by the users feedback, the set up program will adapt the contents and will evolve to suit the ‘mood’ of the venue.
Ethereum blockchain - our ‘smart contract’ produces an output with which users can interact.
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