Xavier Gruchet //
I am the visual artist, director and designer who founded Pixelux Studio a decade ago.
My scope is to manage and play  with graphics, light, motions, generative design, interactions, real-time system , creative coding, data and science. I am specialized in the creation of beautiful and meaningful artworks and users experiences.

Most of my pertinent knowledge is the sum of a rich and original journey through different creative territories and technical universes.

In the 90’s, I first created and managed FREAK OUT company, a clothing entreprise proposing graphic and colourful collections inspired by the techno movement. This company rapidly gave birth to two shops in Paris and Ibiza and a worldwide representation in trendy marketplaces.

In 2000, I then entered the lighting industry working as an engineer, programmer and designer.
I was requested to work around corporate events, concerts of all sorts and fashion and TV shows. My style, rigor and competences were soon appreciated and sought to develop architectural projects.

I soon decided to enter the eclectic world of ‘design’ and produced motion graphics  for different creative and production studios. That brought me to conceive and perform live performances, mixing motion graphics, video projections and lighting for important shows ( events, TV, fashion) .

I founded Pixelux Studio in 2008 with the intention of fusing the emerging fields and technologies of real-time and generative media, interactive design, procedural and parametric programming, data and multi-sensory experiences to create original and solid solutions and artworks.

The studio created interactive and immersive installations, AR and VR projects, projection and screen mapping, multi-media installations and content management applications.

I have worked and created solutions  for YSL, Dior, Channel, Renault, Peugeot, SNCF, Orange, Total, L'Oréal, Unibail, Moët et Chandon, VIPARIS, Vuitton, Mercedes and many more.

Gone , thank you!
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