Interactive and generative Installation.
The magic cube is a graphic monolith, made from a mysterious scattering  glowing  matter.
Placed around, 28 bicycles are connected to the core, the graphic engine.

The speed and the stamina of the 20 riders produce a data stream, with an unique pattern, that generate the graphics, animations and sounds layers in real-time.

A 3 minutes ride to reach the level of pure energy, the white matter.
Each bicycle supply a digitized signal  that is stream to the main application.
Everything is done with Touch Designer :
Graphics, animation, particle and physics, shading and glsl,  rendering, programming, light control (dmx), sound modulation (a bridge with Ableton Live).
The main challenge was to render generative and  360° seamless graphic texture .
Bike's data flow is process individuality and as a group to modulate different generator, creating different levels of graphics
, set according the main timeline.
A sequence of 240s that drive the rise of the energy until the climax. The cube becomes pure energy, lighting up the statue (Louis XIV) and a burst of fireworks to reward our riders.

Visual elements has been designed to fit the optical properties of the magic cube  : light scattering, mapping,  resolution, glowing....

Credit : 
Art director : Gilbert Moity
Graphic design and programming : Xavier Gruchet (Pixelux Studio)
Sound Design : Ben Vedren

Software : 
Touch Designer (Derivative)
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